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Al Zubair Investment GroupAl Zubair Investment GroupAl Zubair Investment Group

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Al Zubair Investment is a global investment company that invests in more than 50 countries across multiple sectors. At Al Zubair Investment we measure progress differently.

Al Zubair Investment is a global investment company with a mandate to create sustainable financial returns, furthering our strategic objective of a globally integrated and diversified economy.

As a well known and reputable investment company, we deploy fund with integrity across variety of projects to generate sustainable risk-adjusted financial returns for the benefit of the group.


Profit Money


What we do

We strategically invest worldwide in sectors that build on our competitive advantages of talent, financial strength, portfolio diversity and global partnerships that create lasting value and positive economic and social impact in communities at home and overseas.

How we add value

We are a trusted partner and an engaged shareholder. Our portfolio companies include global industrial champions in sectors such as aerospace, agribusiness, ICT, semiconductors, metals & mining, pharmaceutical and medical technology, renewable energy and utilities, and the management of diverse financial holdings.

We have built on legacy expertise in oil and gas to operate and invest across the hydrocarbon spectrum. We have and will continue to partner with like-minded organizations to enhance the UAE’s growth potential through investments in, healthcare, real estate and defense services.

We combine the growth dynamics of Gulf capital and the alternative investment industry with international management discipline. We were founded as, and remain, a firm that is global in its outlook, attitude and culture.

Our investment approach prioritizes a commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance.

The way we do business
As a responsible corporate citizen, we actively drive our businesses to have a positive impact on the environment and their communities.

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